Buenos Aires; Tango anyone


During this trip, our roaming reporter Paul Walker changed his name to Pablito Walker to fit in with the Spanish language. Once again, Paul, Angelo and myself arrive in Buenos Aires Argentina in September 2008.  We book a hotel called Broadway Suites and lucky enough in the city center on Corrientes street.  This was truly a suite where we had 2 rooms, a full bath including a bidet (which Paul used) and a roof top bar and pool area.  We waste no time and head to the Plaza de la Republica and see the Obelisco de Buenos Aires, a national historic monument. For lunch, we eat at a steak house called La Estancia where we get all you can eat steak.  Very tasty and very inexpensive.  Paul tries to interview two Charlie Chaplin look-a-likes before we head in for lunch.

We book a 3 hour city tour which explained the history of the city and showed us all the great architectural buildings that bolstered the city center.  Pablito also managed to get in a private interview with the Maria Laura, our tour guide.  We visited several different embassies, the Diego Maradona Stadium and the beautiful picturesque colorful houses in El Caminito.  Walking the area, we follow some authentic Tango sounds and come face to face with a couple dancing the tango.  Talk about where erotic and sensual meet!

The next day we visit the Peurto Madero (Port Area).  An area which took about 20 years to complete from it’s project debut in 1989.  This area which is also known as the “urban planning” along the waterfront riverbank Rio de la Plata.  This represents the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires.  Lofts, restaurants, cafés, businesses and condominiums line up along the water on both sides.  During our walk, we’ve seen their local Olympic rowing team practice.  Connecting the two sides, the Women’s Bridge built in 2001, with it’s bright white finish has engineering at its forefront.  The bridge is poised on this middle axle that can rotate when larger vessels need to cross.

baire07We visit another part of town called  Calle Florida, which is  an elegant shopping street where fur and leather is the main attraction.  The columns, structure and architecture of the buildings give you the sense of Spanish and Roman mix. The Galerias Pacifico shopping mall was filled with tourists. We end our trip with a nice evening supper in the port area and before we leave, Pablito gives one more interview to the Maitre D.  Another successful trip.









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