Atlanta; Georgia Aquarium


After the Christmas Holidays and the New Year’s hype, January seems to linger on.  Wanting to do something different, we decided to take a flight to Atlanta on the 2nd of January 2007.  The trip was almost canceled seeing my wife completely congested that early morning.  Anna has the knack of getting her 24 hour colds that seems  contagious and then, as abrupt has she gets it, it’s gone.  She decided to be a trooper and head out to the airport with us.  With practically no bags, we take the airport golf cart to the gate.  Kids loved it and felt so important.  Upon arrival in Atlanta, we take the MARTA into town and purchase our tickets for the Georgia Aquarium.  Couldn’t wait to see all the displays.

ga005This aquarium was great.  Sharks, turtles, monstrous jelly fish, sea horses and beluga whales.  You name it, they had it.  They even had a basin that allowed you to pet the nurse sharks and sting rays.  The lighting and decorations also added a great touch.  They really spent some money with the facility.


They had this awesome penguin habitat that would allow people to pop in right next to the African penguins.  At first the kids were scared, but after a little persuading, they managed to get their 3 heads in the middle of the action.

ga006We head to the food court for some pizza and then venture to the grand finale.  The shark tunnel.  This long tunnel, made of thick glass, separates pedestrians from massive sharks.  All it takes is one pin hole and we’re someone’s lunch.  It was very impressive seeing them glide flawlessly, and our presence didn’t have any impact on their being.


I learned that the simple things in life are in fact the best things.  Spending time with your family is what makes life long memories and this quick day in Atlanta was all worth it.  Take the MARTA back to the airport, check in, take a funny picture of my daughter Alessia before we board and voila.  We’re back home.









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