Amsterdam; via Brussels


The two coworkers that I’ve traveled the world with, both Angelo and Paul,  decided in early January of 2008 to visit Amsterdam.  When we arrived at the New York airport, our flight to Amsterdam was delayed due to weather.  The flight’s departure time kept being pushed further and further until we decided to jump on a Brussel flight and figure out our plan of action once in Belgium.  We land in Brussels, head to the central station and take a 2 hour train ride to Amsterdam.  The best part of traveling is how we can easily adapt to whatever unexpected incident we’re confronted with.


We arrive in the city center right in the heart of Dam Square where many locals and tourists are gathered.  We see the National Monument, the Royal Palace Amsterdam and the Madame Tussaud building.  We stop by a nice quaint coffee shop and have a warm coffee to discuss our plans.  Continuing our walk, we notice all the web of canals with cars parked so close to the edge that one wonders how many cars may have sunk in the waters.  One interesting fact of the water canals is that the water levels never increase and no flooding happens to all the homes along the sides.ams04

My friend Paul, like I mentioned in other blogs, had become a roaming reported when we travel abroad and keeps interviewing locals.  This time around we head to a renowned pastry shop called René’s Croissanterie.  He interviews a local in the shop describing a common pastry called Oliebollen (Olie-Balls).  Basically a Dutch doughnut with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Very tasty to say the least.  We continue our journey and see the Amsterdam University  and the Oude Church.  As the night is approaching, we head to the Red Light District.  Only one place comes in mind when we speak about this District.  Moulin Rouge.  A signature establishment associated with Amsterdam.  We walk the district peeking in every window and amazed on what we’ve seen. It seems everything goes with absolutely no limits.  You can select your sex partner in these rooms, or simply select any “joint” via a menu at any coffee shop……….God bless Amsterdam.


The next morning , when we leave the hotel, we notice a sea of bikes all over the area.  It seems that the most common method of transportation in Amsterdam is by bicycle.  I figured that is the reason we haven’t seen any overweight locals.  We end by visiting the  Mega Center Mall where Paul unites thousands of people by playing the piano in the center Atrium.  Luckily the piano was preprogrammed and playing the tunes automatically.  Angelo decided in taking a body aqua jet massage in hopes of relaxing all his muscles.




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