Rhodes, Greece; Mild case of whiplash


Our second stop of the Greek Islands was Rhodes.  We had planned to visit Tsambika beach, however after speaking with our taxi driver, he suggested a much closer one, and according to him, a much nicer area.  Here too, being so early and trying to get the most of the day, we had the whole beach to ourselves.  This beach had much more fine sand and blue and white umbrellas painted a great picture with mountains on either side.  The early quietness didn’t last too long because with time, all chairs were taken and the area was filled with people.  Both local and tourists flooded the area.

Traveling to Greece and not trying to bargain with a purse beach walker wouldn’t be the same.  My wife and sister tested their bargaining skills and were able to purchase knock-off purses at reasonable cost.  Everyone has to make a dollar…………

Water was clear and warm and the restaurant on the beach served great meals.  Listening to the waves hitting the shore while reading my book “Living with a Seal” made me feel like I was living in paradise.


All that changed when out of the blue, 3  local ladies in their late 20’s decided to sit right in front of us.  They were quite distracting seeing they decided to tan their already olive skin, topless.  I think I had a mild case of whiplash and not much reading was done after that.

Day was coming to an end and our taxi arrived for our pick up.  Driving back to the port the driver stopped at several locations for a quick picture to ensure we keep a great memory of the spectacular views.

Athens, you’re next!














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