Crete, Greece; Marathons anyone


Having heard so many great things about Crete and their exotic beaches, we had to see this for ourselves.  Seeing our time in Crete was quite limited  we decided to take a local taxi to a nearby beach.   Agia Pelagia.


We arrived very early and had the entire coast to ourselves.  Sand with fine pebbles and straw covered umbrellas set the picturesque scene.  For a few Euros, we were able to rent 2 chairs and umbrella for the entire day.  The area looked extremely quaint with a small boardwalk on the left, small area of sand in the middle and then turquoise blue water on the right.  Many locals eventually arrived creating an atmosphere of fun in the sun.  To take a break from the 90 degree sun, we hopped over the boardwalk to a restaurant facing the beach and had authentic Greek lunch….and I thought Marathons was authentic!


Continued the relaxing day until our taxi picked us up and headed back to port.

Didn’t have enough time to really develop any insights of how the locals live, but from the taxi ride, it was clear that good food and living a calm life was their model.

Needed more evidence so let’s continue to Rhodes, Greece!





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