Los Angeles; We’re all celebrities


I’m always looking for a traveling partner to share my travel experiences with. In December 2011, my daughter Alessia and I started this father daughter bond activity by having her select a travel destination, we pack up a knapsack and head to the airport.  That year, she wanted to be a celebrity and visit Los Angeles.

Spending time with someone who is continuously next to you for 72 hours, one can either get totally annoyed or one can truly appreciate the company.  In my case, I appreciate the company and surprisingly enough get to know someone even more…even if it’s your daughter.

Hopping from Montreal to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Los Angeles, we arrive at our destination and our tour begins.  We speed through all lines since we travel with a simple knapsack, and head straight to our hotel.  Drop our stuff and get acquainted with our surroundings.  Timing is crucial, and seeing we don’t have too much of it, we head downtown Los Angeles to see the common tourist attractions.  Rodeo Drive, Chinese theater, walk of fame, even tell the driver to stop and take a picture with the infamous Hollywood sign.

Grab a quick-lunch and continue to Venice beach.  Sunshine made that day perfect.  We walk by a place called Chez Jay only to realize  that both Brad Pitt and George Clooney frequent that particular bar.  Walking on the Santa Monica Pier with a view of the Pacific ocean was beautiful.  Drive by China Town, Kodak Theatre, the Staples Center and the large Los Angeles Times Newspaper building.  Our driver continues the tour by visiting where Michael Jackson took his last breath just about 10 months prior.  Playboy mansion, Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills Hotel and of course……..the home in which Fresh Prince of Belair was filmed.  That still remains one of my favourite shows.

One think that definitely stood out was the smog.  We were up a mountain looking down universal studio and was amazed of this brownish cloud that blanketed the city.

During the return, Alessia and I shared the NEW YEAR’s Cheer on the actual airplane.  The pilot came on the PA system and wished every passenger a Happy New Year.

Good way to end a weekend of Celebrity Status.



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