Athens, Greece


If there is any city older than Rome, Athens it is.  Over 3400 years old.   Our venture started from the port of Piraeus.  We were fortunate enough that the pick up for the hop-on hop-off bus left just meters away.  Took on the top deck and let the scenery fill our digital camera with hundreds of pictures.  One more beautiful than the other.

Our first run with the bus, we simply stayed on for the full route seeing Piraeus and its architecture.  Then heading into Athens, we did the normal tourist destinations around the Acropolis.  I’ve visited it some time ago and was surprised that still in 2016, construction hasn’t ended yet.  I guess restoration has no end date.  Weather was gorgeous, walked the full grounds and stopped for yet another Greek lunch.  Tomatoes in our chicken pita were great.

Strangely enough out of all little corner stores, I was drawn into one book store that had books dating 150 years ago.  Flipping through some clippings and literature pages gave me a weird nostalgic sensation.

Seeing Athens port of call involved an overnight stay, we retreated to the ship for supper and then headed back in town visiting the Plaka area with a quick taxi ride.

Next day we decided to take a fairly long bus ride to the  sanctuary of Poseidon at Sounion.  The drive was unbelievable with views of mountains, ocean, and villages.  We stop at the extreme top and take in scenery like never before.  Despite clear skies, there were winds that actually made it difficult to walk.  I was surprised in such high cliffs having no restraining mechanism to avoid any possible accidents.















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