Zurich; Peaceful indeed


For the past several years, during the Christmas break,  I have my daughter Alessia select a destination that she’d like to travel to.  The more exotic, the better it is; I keep telling her.  This one year, December 2015, she chose Zürich Switzerland.  The best part of this trip, is that my eldest daughter Vanessa came along with us. It started with our first leg to JFK airport where we always have ShakeShack burgers.  Nothing like the feeling of eating in an airport waiting for our international leg.

Delta Flight 66 destination Zürich is ready for boarding….love those words. Airports and Airplanes just give me such a feeling that is hard to explain.  I thrive for the long hauls, the feeling and excitement a new place generates.  Anticipating what culture I will see, what type of society I will be confronted with.  It is just my personal “raison d’être”.

Settle in our seats, discuss which movie to watch with the girls and start our trek to the Swiss Alps.  Amazing on how the aviation industry has changed over the years.  After just seven and a half hours and 3900 air miles, we find ourselves in Zürich.

Take a train ride to our hotel, check in, leave our knapsack, and start day 1. City is clean, weather is just perfect and people are nice.  Pass by the world-renowned chocolate Lindor factory and feed some swans in the ponds.

Walk around the city sharing great moments with my girls makes the visit so much more enjoyable.  Seeing how Alessia and Vanessa interact unnoticeably warms my heart and my mind wanders on how lucky we are to have children and be in a position to travel the world. Retreat for the day after a nice supper that took us back a huge chunk of money on a pizza and 3 Perrier waters.  WOW, talk about expensive.  I guess it’s all part of the experience.

Next morning we take a bus to visit Mount Rigi.  To get to the very top, we first take  a gondola ride, then a funicular to the highest point.  Here we are 6000 feet above see level and the view of the Swiss Alps is nothing short of tranquil, fresh and spectacular.  The time spend with my girls  just looking in the distance made the 7.5 hour flight all worth it.



I keep saying that life is nothing but memories and that day, many memories were made.

We start our descend to catch a boat ride to Lake Lucerne.  It started to cloud over and seeing the difference in the weather from 6000 feet to sea level was drastic, mist and fog filled the village of Lucern.  It was gothic looking but surreal at the same time.  We walked around for awhile, took pictures and simply let time pass us by.  Being together in a foreign country, let alone a village I never really heard of before with both Alessia and Vanessa made it so pleasant.


Europe has character!

















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