Florence & Pisa; Simply beautiful 


Many know it as the “boot”, but Italy is amongst the most visited tourist destinations in the world.  Arriving at the Livorno port, we quickly meet our private tour guide.  A distinquished older man, yet capable of mesmorizing all the women.  Salt&Pepper hair, well dressed and well spoken.  The “must see” leaning tower of Pisa is visited first with the sky so blue giving the backdrop of this crooked building life.  Was very surprised in seeing the cleanliness of the area despite thousands of visitors.   Passing by the Cathedrale, Field of Miracles, Baptisery and cementery to complete the Pisa tour.


Quick…to the Batmobile….we head for Florence.  Romanesque Church of Santa Croce, the burial place of Michelangelo, the incredible cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, Piazza della Signoria, statue of David and the medieval Palazzo Vecchio and of course the Ponte Vecchio, the legendary 14th century bridge were all visited.


When we just think it’s over, we drive through the Tuscany hills heading for Chianti for our wine tour.  Seeing the passion they have for wine and how it is done just made the tour all that more interesting.

A true taste of Chianti.






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