A world beneath


With over 70% of the earth covered in water, one can only imagine what truly lies beneath us.  With similar interests and desire to seek further, myself along with a few friends underwent Scuba lessons to start our “Scuba Adventures”.

Having been diving for over 10 years, our so-called  scuba team had the privilege of visiting different areas of the world and opened our eyes to the surreal, calm and peaceful scene of a world beneath us.

We’ve come across the typical species of fish that many scuba divers encounter, along with some breathtaking sites of the Mexican cenotes.  Large turtles, to black tip reef sharks. From stingrays to massive grouper.  From silky moray eels to miniature clown fish.  One of the largest underwater creatures we have seen was the manta ray.  When this creature of beauty passed above us, it created a huge dark cloud.  It was totally majestic on how it glided above.

Other eerie feelings were when we visited sunken ships that not only painted horrible pictures of the past, but gave us insights on how they lived.

What I find ironic with scuba diving is the fact that the anxiety it can cause with the unnatural act of breathing underwater, is the same action that actually relaxes you.  The act of listening and regulating your breathing is so hypnotic and melodic.





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