Marseille, Oui Bonjour.


With a quick cruise ride from Barcelona, we docked in Marseille the very next morning.  Had a great breakfast and started our French venture.  We were always told that the French from France have some allure of sarcasm and snobbishness, and we were there to either prove them right or to debunk the theory.

Arriving quite early for our chartered boat ride to Chateau D’If, we had some time to walk around the port and see beautiful yachts and fishing boats.  Seeing one local by a bench, it was time to test the true character of the French.   Asking him directions quickly confirmed to me that these people are definitely snobbish.  He responded rudely and brushed me away feeling that I’m not really welcomed in his country.

Not so fast.  As they say that we shouldn’t judge the entire country on only one small sample size.  I tried it again by speaking to this elderly man balancing on a step stool cleaning his fishing boat and his reaction was completely different.  His demeanor gave us the impression that he welcomed us and took time off to respond to our questions.  All with a smile.


Head back to catch a small boat taxi to the famous Chateau D’If where the movie “Count of Monte Cristo” was filmed.  Great Island, great location and upon looking at the same cell in which was used, it actually made us sigh as if the walls were closing in on us.

What’s a fun-filled day without taking a small train along Marseille to end up on the top of the highest point.  Notre Dame de la Garde.  500 feet above sea level overlooking the south side of the port in Marseille.  The day had practically no clouds and the view was spectacular.


Spain and France done.  Next.  Italy.





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