Amalfi Coast; WoW!


I don’t think there are enough adjectives to truly describe this astonishing area.  From the homes painted perfectly along the cliff sides, to the dark Azzurri blue waters of the ocean this area forcefully calms all feelings in your body.  Life seems to be standing still and joy is spread along every tourist and every local.


We meet up with our tour guide and she was able to show us the best spots that Amalfi coast has to offer.  We first visit Ravello in which we gain access to the Rufulo Villas.  A compound with lush flowers and views to die for.  They even had a theatre set up for music festivals.  Next stop is the Conca Dei Marini where we had the privilege of taking a small rowboat in the Emarld Cave.  We take an elevator from the main street which had enough space for 4 people and arrive in the Grotto at sea level.  He hop on a row boat with several other tourists and this “Captain” starts telling us the history of the Grotto to end up singing us a song.  The acoustics made us feel that we’re actually in some major amphitheater.


We then visit Sorrento, a small serene city overlooking the Naples Bay.  Here we were able to taste a true Limoncello granita, which refreshed us from the great summer heat.  We then crossed the Sorrento hill and arrived in Positano.  All the pictures that you may have seen with the coloured houses overlooking the cliffs don’t actually do its justice.  In person, they are truly mesmerizing.  The tranquil aura they project is so peaceful.

The language, the location, the way of life….boy I’m proud to be an Italian






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