Barcelona; Everthing for Everyone


There are many beautiful places in this world and all of which exude different character.  Summer of 2016 remains one of the most picturesque memories that will be hard to beat.  Our trip started in  Barcelona where fun, sun and sand meet to give this city a unique blend.  The main Ramblas strip seems like a river of heads with restaurants and corner artisans enjoying the great warm July weather.  Anyone who enjoys architecture will find plenty of hot spots with Gaudi’s work.  La Familgia Segrada.  Completely breathtaking.

If lying on the beach and soaking up the sun is more along your vacation idea, then Barcelona has it as well.  Walking along the sand overlooking the mediterranean sea on one side and strips of restaurants and cafés on the other.  Barcelona truly has everything for everyone.

What’s a trip without tasting the local foods!  If tapas is what the locals eat, then you will find it available at almost every corner.  As for me, fish is my thing, and fresh catch of the day is the way to go.

From Spanish to French, next stop Marseilles.







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