San Juan, Puerto Rico; Great smiles


I try to take advantage of when my daughters have their March break from school to escape for a quick trip, however in  April 2016, two of my three daughters weren’t available. Milena, this time,  was ready and willing to travel.  Surprisingly enough my wife also decided in joining us.  Take a flight to JFK, have our customary ShakeShack burger and head to San Juan.  All is smooth, weather is looking good.  Touchdown, take taxi to hotel and start the fun-filled weekend.

The hotel was  very nice, recently built, great food and the pool area was awesome.  New tanning chairs, rhythmic music and plenty of people.  Ordered a pizza at pool side and was surprised on how tasty it was.  Milena took full advantage of the sun and pool, while both Anna and myself dove into our books.

Feeling the rays on our skin while knowing Vanessa and Alessia are at home, does feel awkward.  I try to keep Anna busy so her mind is not focused on the other children and redirect her thoughts “in the moment”.  I keep reminding her that this is a quick, well deserved time off from her everyday hustle and bustle.

For supper we head down to the pier and with no reservations quickly get seated at this restaurant which was filled with locals.  Food was mediocre but watching the locals mingle with one another clearly showed their friendly characters.  With my proficiency in Spanish (NOT), language wasn’t a barrier.


Next day, we walk around the hotel area and purchase some groceries to stack our hotel fridge. We use their shuttle service to head to Old Town San Juan.  It was quite reminiscent  since we have already visited the same location not too long ago with San Juan being a port of call on our cruise.  It definitely brought back memories.

To get a different look of some beaches nearby, we decided to walk to a nearby beach.  For some reason, the directions given to us from the locals, seemed the beach was just around the corner.  Boy were we wrong.  Here we are 3 people walking for hours trying to locate a beach while the sun is scourging at 95 degrees farenheit.   HEY…’s all part of the experience.

How quickly we arrive is how quickly we find ourselves back on a flight heading home.  These quick escapades are definitely worth it in my mind.  A quick time to recharge and ready for the next one.

Anna is happy in going, but for the obvious reasons, she is happy being back.  I guess the motherly instinct is having all the family members  together at all times.











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