New York, New York; With my Girls!


Visiting the Big Apple with my girls was always on my list of things to do.  Showing them the big city and being able to see their reaction would be priceless.  Head to the airport,  clear the passenger list and away we go.  The excitement of traveling seems to be so contagious and seeing it on their faces is so gratifying.


Time is one commodity that will never stop. In fact time will get more precious as we age and all the more reason to spend time with your loved ones.   Traveling with my children allows me to see the excitement in their faces, allows me to be part of their experiences and most of all, allows me to be present in their lives.  Touch down, flag a taxi and the race is on.


With the sun shining down and still a cool breeze, it made sight seeing so comfortable.  We’ done the full tourist locations from Time Square to Radio City Music Hall, from Rockafeller Center to the United Nations, from the NBC Studios to the massive Toy R US store.  We raced along these attractions seeing the joy and amazement in their eyes.

We couldn’t leave the city without Alessia taking a picture with her favourite and life long companion “Elmo”.  Nor could we have left without Milena doing a professional make over.  To end it all, what’s a trip to New York for Vanessa without having a Starbucks coffee…….




We always here about the food trucks all over the city center and with all the walking we’ve done, we had to try the local street hotdogs.


I try to embarrass my children every chance I get.  Although they get upset and think I’m foolish, I am sure later in their lives they’ll understand that life is nothing but memories and how you remember people is by their actions and events that we’ve been through together.


With the day winding down, I can’t stop thinking of the fun the day has brought us and how lucky I am to have these beautiful healthy children in my life.  Despite their occasional attitudes we both are continuously learning on how to be parents and they on how to be children.



We grab a mid day lunch at Applebees, head to Central Park and relax for the remaining time we have before heading to the airport.  Squeeze in a taxi……A perfect family day in the Big City!






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