1000 Islands, Spontaneous


At times the best get-away is simply decided on the spur of the moment.  One morning in August 2013, Anna, myself, Alessia and Milena decide to visit 1000 Islands.  Let’s act like tourists in our own Country.  We’ve heard about a Gananoque boat line that takes riders along the Islands and recounts tales of the past.  Seeing with age I value history to a greater extend, I wanted to hear all about the area and its events.  Weather was perfect, pack the car and take a pleasant drive.

We purchase tickets for the cruise and with the Canadian friendly smiles, they stamp our ticket and  board the vessel.  The day was perfect.  We take to our seats and a distinctive fog horn indicates we’re ready to sail.  The audible documentary captures are interest right away and pleasantly surprised of the events that took place along the Islands.  From the fascinating Boldt Castle to the fun fact of having 1864 islands straddling both the USA and Canada border, the tour kept us attentive to all facts.

The ride revealed affluant homes nestled amongst the trees, neighbouring guests skimming their yachts along the clear waters and home owners relaxing on their properties taking in a beautiful day.

The return portion of the cruise was more of relaxing one and perfect for family bonding.  Our girls are growing up so fast that vacationing or spending time together has become a complete challenge.  Confined on a boat simply forces us to be  together..if they don’t fall asleep that is….!


We disembark and walk along the beach front and as the day was drawing to an end, we enter this local pizzeria and had one of the best square pizzas I have ever tasted.

Beautiful day, great company and  proof that wherever you escape to with the people you love will always be a success.



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