Hydra / Poros / Aegina, Greece; one wonder after another


With flight loads fairly full out of Montreal, we decided to drive to New York to hop on a flight to Athens.  The drive was great and filled with anticipation.   We get called and board the plane.  After a smooth flight and great service, we arrive in Athens.  Take the public transportation and head to Athens city center.

Like I mentioned in several other posts, traveling with my family creates memories that will one day be topic of conversation.  Time never stands still and one God willing day, when we’re gathered around, our talks will paint memorable pictures of our travels.


With map in hand, we slowly visit all the main attractions near the Acropolis.  Walking around the cobble roads we notice tourists negotiating with street vendors on purses and sun hats.


Typical chaotic scene which is a signature activity in all major downtown areas are spotted at every corner.  Despite the long drive to New York, the long flight to Athens and the public transportation to the city center, the girls were great troopers and kept along side of us.


We check in the hotel right after a nice authentic lunch and quite surprised on the size of our rooms.  We were given two rooms with one having partial view of the Acropolis.  We recharge our batteries and head back out for supper along the main strip.

The following morning, after breakfast,  we take a bus to the port to board a fairly large vessel.  We’ve booked a full day island hop cruise to 3 Greek Islands.  One wonder after another.


Hydra was gorgeous.  We walked the streets and noticed that no motorized vehicles were prominent but were happy to see that transportation was with donkeys.  Something about homes built along the side of mountains not only adds character to cities, but makes every angle a perfect picture spot.


Poros seemed to have more greenery and with very little tourists around, we practically had the whole island to ourselves.  Safe, clean and perfect weather added to the perfect family time.


Aegina was our last island and noticed that this island was a major exporter of pistachios.  Every corner hut was selling them and once you have one, you can’t stop eating them.

It was indeed tiring from island to island but the ship was comfortable, sun was shining and we relaxed between islands.  We head back to Athens, check out of the hotel and take the bus to the airport.  Just like locals do!

Keeping our fingers crossed for great seats on the return, the girls get pampered in business class and enjoy the ride back home.   I am forever grateful for Delta Air Lines for allowing us the opportunity to travel the world.


Once in New York, the journey back home as a road trip starts.  I just know the entire journey is what makes memorable moments from trips.  It is truly all part of the experience.




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