Jamaica; sandals packed,head for Sandals


Hearing from colleagues that Sandals resorts are truly a step-up in service, both my wife and I had to see for ourselves.  In March of 2007 we head down to Jamaica’s Sandals Dunn’s River.  In fact, before heading to Jamaica, we overnight in Atlanta to spend some time with Anna’s Godmother, Laura.  She and her boyfriend lived in Atlanta and spending some time with them was great. jamaica003

We felt like celebrities for Gary had his chauffeur pick us up from our hotel and drive us to his home.  After a tasty supper and drinks in his courtyard, we head to a room in his basement that was decorated with all sporting paraphernalia from wall to wall.  The room had a gorgeous bar and huge cinema TV.  If felt like we were in some high-end bar in the city center.  Laughs, stories and jokes were shared and after some coffee, the same chauffeur drives us back to our hotel.

Next morning we head to Jamaica and after a bus ride to Dunn’s River, we clearly see what the hype is all about.  This hotel was impeccable, grounds were spotless, trees were manicured and the staff assured us that should we need anything, our wish was our command.jamaica005

The resort wasn’t filled to capacity however it was clear that the crowd was definitely slightly older.  The traditional beach parties, nightly shows and fruit sculptures were amazing.  jam01

With all water sports included, we took a glass bottom boat to a quaint bay for some snorkeling.  It was told to us that some scenes of the  James Bond movie Dr.No was filmed in the area.

The hotel grounds at night brought forth a completely new sense.  A sense of romanticism.  With the  evening stars and the bright moonlight reflecting off the ocean, we’d look at each other and laugh out loud for we weren’t used to this.  With our family of 5, we’re used to chaos and commotion. This tranquility was beyond us.  We tried to play the part, but kept laughing continuously…..especially drinking wine from a chalice.


Our room was great.  Colonial furniture, bed posts that erected to the ceiling and a view from our bedroom towards lush palm trees and thick shrubs.  The small balcony gave us the feeling of Romeo and Juliet. During our stay, we’d have a routine in which the afternoon break from the heat would be to spend some time by the café to enjoy a coffee and some superb banana pizza with nutella from the wood oven stove.  To simply die for.

The last evening, the resort transformed the large pool grounds to an outdoor dining area.  Live music, dancing, decorative sweet table filled with all sorts of desserts and a display of fruit sculptures that would surely give Picasso a run for his money, created a memorable evening.  They definitely go all out to ensure their guests have a great time.


As quickly as we arrived, we pack our bags and head to the airport to conclude another great adventure. The bus ride was great for we reminisce by looking at the pictures we’ve taken.  Thank God for photography!





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