Riviera Maya, Mexico; what happened to the air conditioning?


They say that using buddy passes in the month of July is quite challenging for 2 passengers and can result in traveling nightmares from being bounced from airport to airport.  I think we haven’t received the memo since the gate paging system blurs  out, “Standby Passenger Ignoto party of 4”.  With a smile from ear to ear, all 9 of us board the flight to Cancun and away we go!


We check in the Viva Wyndham Azteca hotel and do our customary routine of walking the grounds.  It was clear from the start that this hotel was one of the smaller ones we’ve stayed at.  The grounds were well-kept, the beach area was confined and  despite the erosion of shore sand, the water was still turquoise and inviting.  The area had suffered some major damage with the hurricane and have since placed massive sandbags to prevent further loss of shoreline.


With ocean waves sufficient enough to allow body surfing, we purchased small surfboards for the girls which kept them entertained for hours on end.  Anna decides to participate in  water aerobics while Robert and myself with some archery and dart competition. My daughter Alessia, the animal lover, wastes no time in taking pictures with local parrots and iguanas.


Despite the slow start for our girls to involve themselves with the staff and scheduled activities, their friendship grew so quickly that we practically lost them for the remaining vacation days in Mexico.  From their catamaran sail rides with Alexandro, to their midday gossip with Paulina, they marked this trip as one of their best.



Mexican night at the resort was filled with colorful outfits, cotton candy booths twirling sugar puffs, and Mexican music beating the soul.  From conga lines to pool side dancing, from photo shoots to canoe rides,  the trip couldn’t be more fun-filled.


I was always amazed on how the entire entertainment staff had continuous energy from the early morning hours to the late evening performances.  They simply did everything and kept the resort beating with energy.  Their nightly shows displayed their many talents, provided colorful costumes, and surely emphasized their great dancing capabilities.  All this in an outdoor theater setting with no air conditioning.  In short I was truly impressed with the resort.


To shelter ourselves from the hot midday sun we’d  usually escape to their pasta bar and enjoy a filling lunch.  Mind you with no air conditioning,  Robert would perspire just with the thought of sitting for lunch….it was the going joke that everywhere we went, their seemed to be no air conditioning.


Whether it was the resort being much smaller than others in the past, or the appropriate age group for our girls, this trip was definitely the hardest one for saying goodbye to the local staff.  The bonding they’ve created made the departure very emotional that tears ran down their faces.


The week was exceptional, the weather was great,  family time was perfectly balanced and the memories are forever remembered.









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