Orlando, Florida; great family time


As the girls get older, their agendas quickly fill up leaving precious family time to a minimum.  School, studies, boyfriends and work eat up most of their time and the once easy planning family vacation, becomes a complete juggling act.  August 2010 seemed feasible for all and we jumped on the occasion with a trip to Orlando.  We first head to Naples to visit our good friends before we venture to Orlando.  Nick is always ready to receive guests and surely takes care of them with his bar tending expertise.


I keep saying that every trip’s moments are part of the experience and should be taken as memories.  If we learn to be in the moment, in whatever we are doing, the memories  will always be surreal.  Our moments are numbered, and every second lost will only be a thing of the past.

We pack up the car and the road trip starts.  While Alessia and Milena follow my singing cue, Vanessa shrugs it off thinking it’s ridiculous and couldn’t be bothered.  I guess the teenage years have started and what do parents know?  All we do is embarrass them……

If there is one well maintained playground, Universal Studios takes the top place.  Clean, colorful and convenient make it a true recipe for endless fun.  We walk the facades of Beverly Hills, Mel’s diner and the village of where Jaws was displayed.  The night gave a totally different look with all of the lights and our room was spacious to sleep comfortably.


Next day was reserved for the rides.  Those simulators are so well done that one feels the true sensation and pokes at every sense in your body.  Walt Disney has surely captured the essence of fun.  We visit the Seuss village, Spiderman ride, Simpson ride and visit the newest ride in 2010…Harry Potter.  The ride was incredible.  The waiting time was even entertaining since it was fully interactive.


Seeing  Anna was not comfortable with the Jurassic park river ride adventure, she acted as the photographer while we  decided to sit in front to get the full effect of the massive drop.  It was a great ride that left our hearts beating even after it was over.



A fun-filled day wouldn’t be complete without the purchase of a nice funnel cake.  The white powdered sugar and fried dough made for a satisfying dessert.  No matter how old we get, Walt Disney is surely a place we will return to.





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