Las Vegas; ……with my “bro”


Las Vegas is definitely a destination that one can visit multiple times and still feel the street excitement over and over.  From the grand hotel lobbies to their resort style pool areas, from their huge selection of eateries to their world claimed shows, Vegas has everything for everyone. This time around, we traveled with my brother Johnny and his wife Mary.  Traveling with another couple not only comforts the ride but ensures a level of safety and truly enhances the experience.  In fact, I enjoy sharing and creating experiences with others for memories are made and can be life long conversations.

Johnny and Mary take an earlier flight and arrive midday whereby Anna and myself arrive later that evening to meet up at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

This time around we focused on the newer hotels and started with the Cosmopolitan.  Beautiful structure on the outside and modern looking in the inside.  A great blend satisfying all their guests.  The great weather made it so pleasant during our walk to the Bellagio, Paris, Venetian and Mirage.  Despite having done the same run several times, it is always so pleasant for the leisurely walk along the strip.

We enter a shopping mall and couldn’t help being drawn to this one store offering sample size tea.  It was great sharing some stories with her while  the other three window shopped.


We finally reunite and enter some art gallery that had very interesting paintings of which were slightly out of my price range.( YEAH right!)  From black and white portraits depicting an era in life to color spatter with no logic on others that lined the walls of the store.  The more impressive ones were in special rooms with selected lighting to truly feel the experience.

Vegas at night promotes such a different feeling.  Cool evening  breeze in March along with the bombardment of lights flooding the strip, one can’t help feeling like a celebrity.

We’ve heard that the old Vegas is also a place that one should visit and without any hesitation we take the Fremont Street Experience.  It was definitely a place to visit and despite the lack of grand hotel marvels, the lights were as abundant as the Strip.  Street performers  and live music kept us fully entertained.


When sensuality and eroticism mix with comedy, you get a great show called Zumanity.  We attended the show at the New York New York hotel and despite many people attending, the amphitheatre had enough room to accommodate everyone with fantastic seats.  We had heard that certain parts of the show may require audience participation and seeing we wanted to avoid any embarrassment, we opted for the balcony seats.

The usual routine after such fun-filled days would be to reminisce about the entire day while enjoying culinary delights.


Next day we visited the Wynn hotel and with the floral decorations of huge vases, flower gardens and hanging objects, it gave the hotel a very distinctive look compared to others.  We do more walking and find ourselves back to an older hotel called the Flamingo.  Their court-yard was filled with flamingos standing on one leg and fish ponds but what stood out was the vast amount of senior citizens assembled in the area.  In fact it was the same group that traveled from Montreal to Las Vegas on Johnny’s flight.  Just as he thought they were gone, they’re back.  I guess everyone wants to see Celine Dion.

We conclude the trip with shopping at the outlet mall and while Anna and Mary shop, both Johnny and myself get lured to one kiosk illustrating some type of magical wrist band that  enhances flexibility.  Being skeptical by nature, we take the wrist band challenge.  Standing upright, legs slightly apart, arms fully extended, we try to rotate our torso to the maximum our body would allow.  Without the wrist band, the limit was reached quickly.  With the wrist band, the limit surpassed it and allowed a greater range of motion.  Can this truly work?  On my return back to Montreal, I’ve researched the Power Bracelet and as many well known athletes endorse it, there are others that equally mock it.  Although it seemed to work, we still didn’t purchase them.















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