Prague, Czech Republic; They were absolutely correct


After visiting the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, Elan and I continue our road trip to Prague.  It would have been under a 4 hour drive but the snowy weather conditions prolonged our journey.  The drive was all worth it for Prague is known to be amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. They were totally correct!

Without wasting any time, we visit the new town of Prague at Wenceslas Square.  Beautiful Christmas decorations along the building facades complimenting the bright lights that lit up the side trees.  Wooden cabins dispersed evenly selling local foods and  souvenirs. The evening was crisp and frigid,  but with the amount of people and the constant walking, it was definitely tolerable.


Next morning we head to Prague Castle and visit the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral. It bared  an impressive structure with such great stone detail.  Both the clock dials and front window pane were accentuated with what seemed to be gold plating.

We continue our walk and visit the St. Wenceslas vineyard but before we hike to the top of the hill, we purchase winter hats to keep warm.  The very top of the hill gave way to a sea of orange roof tops that we weren’t expecting.  From several Cathedral peaks to arc structured bridges, the scene painted gorgeous pictures.  This was truly a beautiful city.


We descend to the river front and come across an area that was filled with ducks, pigeons  and swans that shared no concerns of being frightened from us.  In fact, they approached forming a perfect balance between birds and humans.  A mixture of songs are heard from different corners when a quartet playing polkas is mixed with a solo playing his accordion.  Despite the quartet having an impressive acoustic bass, the accordionist did  have more style.


We’re finally standing at the front  of one of the most historic bridges in the world.  The Charles Bridge.  From as far as one could see, people, street artists and entertainers  were occupying every square foot of the bridge that crosses the Vltava river. Religious statues erected on either sides gave an illusion that one is constantly being watched.

Next stop was the old town square to see the Astronomical Clock.  The square was filled with people that if one suffers from claustrophobia, it would definitely be a location to avoid.  The astronomical clock had these special mechanisms and dials that displayed the position of the sun, moon and zodiacal.  Talk about advanced engineering in the early 1400.  A massive gathering in the town square proved that their Christmas market was alive with its  huge Christmas tree in the center and kiosks all around.  Music, drinks and dancing were true signs of peace and enjoyment by all.  We also walked through Palladium modern shopping mall that was nicely decorated and other buildings along the same line sharing pastel coloured facades.

The next morning, we wake up to a beautiful day with full snowflakes blanketing the entire city like powdered sugar on fresh pastries.  Many were using the day for great photo opportunities and I had to do the same with this one local actually fishing in the snow.


While heading to the Charles Bridge we come across other great point of interests and fill our memory stick with pictures.  The whole city seems to be a  perfect picture spot.  No matter what time one crossed the bridge, it was always full of people.

Every city is bound to have a radio tower and after our research, we head to the Petrin Hill where the Prague Radio Tower is located.  Beautiful park area with stunning views of the city.  We take the elevator ride to the top and are completely mesmerized with the panoramic view it offers. Our descend back to the base, we come across two gorgeous huskies playing in the snow.

Before we leave for Frankfurt, we visit the John Lennon Wall of “the war is over” inspired graffiti.  As of the 1980’s this normal wall has been filled with John Lennon lyrics from Beatles’ songs and has become a popular tourist attraction.


We continue our road trip and drive to Nuremberg Castle in Bavaria.  After walking along the exterior perimeter we visit the museum.  The displays of body armour suits, guns and different weaponry was very informative.


Our last stop was the Christmas market in the Romerberg St.Paul Square.  The typical triangular building facades looked like they’ve been cut from cardboard and neatly placed side by side.  We were very surprised on how empty the Square was.  With a quick tour around the shops, old Town Hall and the St.Nickolas Church we decide to have supper in this one restaurant that showed some form of life.  The inside was quite different that it was wall to wall decorated with all sorts of items placed at every nook and cranny available.  We were afraid of touching anything but it definitely had character.



Before heading to our hotel, we visit the main city center in which was filled with people.  Crossing the Eiserner Steg bridge, we notice that every city adopts their form of “love lock” bridge.  Knowing we would have an early start the next morning for our travels back to Montreal, we check in our hotel.  Elan surely knows how to pick them!  The lobby boasted this 50 foot Christmas tree making the main atrium look spectacular.  Seeing the lobby area as such, we had high expectations for our room.  Elevator bell chimes at our floor, swipe our flash key, enter the room and surprise…. we  were definitely not disappointed.


























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