Nassau, Bahamas; I’m joining the circus


Delta Air Lines has always said that their customers are one of the most important assets they can have.  What they also mention is that their employees are in fact the most important assets.  In all my years in the work force, in my opinion, Delta has been the leading company on how to treat their employees.  Like many airlines, the road to success has been challenged with factors beyond their control.  From gas prices to terrorist attacks.  Delta had to stop salary increases and had to refrain in giving extra weeks of vacation.  In fact, employees had to give back some vacation time to help the airline.  All of those sacrifices have paid off and after Delta Air Lines emerged from bankruptcy, they gave it all back, and then some.

We were given 2 confirmed airline passes anywhere Delta served for our continued effort and support while they restructured. In May of 2010, Anna and I decided for a romantic vacation in Nassau at Super Club Breezes Resort.  A nice resort with a great pool area, average food and basic entertainment.  They did however, have a great rock climbing area along with a trapeze that, by vacation end, I had to conquer.  Attach my harness, a few practice runs, and bingo.  The climbing was conquered.  nasa02.jpg

Next step, the trapeze.  I’m not afraid of heights, however when I was climbing into position, the swaying of the suspended ladder kept me alert.  Finally made it to the top, buckle up, powder my palms and was ready to let myself free as a bird.  A few swings, gain some speed and away I go.  Gravity seems to pull me down and after a 4 somersault with a half twist (yeah..I wish) I perform my dismount with no problems.


Coming from a large family, add to the fact we ourselves have 3 children, commotion is something we’re completely used to.  On this trip with only 2 of us, it seemed we ran out of things to say and could have heard pins drop.  At least we were both able to finish our books we brought with us.

We’d walk the beach at night and then lay down on the chairs overlooking the water and stars.  Something about water and endless sky that makes you ponder on both what’s underneath us and what’s above us.  What a wonderful world we live in.


Walking along the beach one day, we noticed that we were able to use the facility of their sister resort.  A very nice area with great waterfalls, greenery, flowers and awesome gazebo.  We definitely took advantage of their facility and enjoyed full days there.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We continue the routine for a few more days until our vacation comes to an end.  Take the bus back to the airport and check in the Delta flight.  It’s great having these quick getaways and equally fun getting back home.





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