Caracas, Venezuela; True silicon valley


Elizabeth, a coworker, has told me if ever we decide to visit Caracas, she would love to join us.  Indeed, June of 2005 she came along as our own personal tour guide.  She was born in Caracas and knew the great places to visit.  To be honest, with the slight political instability in 2005, her presences made us feel a little more comfortable.  This time around it was Tony C, Andy, Paul, Ben, Elizabeth and myself.  Going in for the approach, the way the city skyline and the mountains merged together made it for a great postcard picture.  Welcome to South America.


The view from the hotel was spectacular.  Airport runway, then the buildings along the linear path, and the monstrosity of mountains taking up the full background.  Heading down the hotel grounds, we see a full camera crew involved in a photo shoot.  Why not make an early statement and interrupt the session for a picture.  Well at least Paul was polite and waited until the Venezuelan model was on break and took a picture with her.  Paul is a riot and one of the funniest traveling partners around.


Elizabeth meets us later with her local friend and we start visiting the night scene.  Latin music fills the loud speakers, and let me tell you, these women can move.  They have this other sense that simply follows the music beat with their hips.  Great rhythmic display and balance of sensuality and R&B.  Good time was had by all.

Next morning we visit the local beach where we simply relax and take in the scenery.  One thing we couldn’t help notice is on how many women have chosen some form of chest augmentation.  It was so obvious that the true fact is that Caracas has a shortage of breast implants and was estimated that 85 000 women had it done last year. Not that we’re complaining!  Later in the afternoon, continuing our drive, we notice one concentrated area that houses seem to be built one on top of each other.  It actually reminded me of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It is in South America afterall.

















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