Las Vegas; Happy sweet 16th


My daughter Vanessa just turned 16 in November of 2009 and what a better place to celebrate it than Las Vegas, Nevada.  We decided to take some family time and venture to the sin city.  Pack our bags, head to the airport and Vegas here we come.  In my eyes, traveling with the family allows us to bond and promotes conversations we wouldn’t necessarily have at home.  We’re confined in  planes, airports, and hotels that we’re sure to share stories.  Mind you at times, it gets nerve wrecking, but we all get over that.


This time around, it made more sense to actually rent a car as opposed to public transportation.  Pick up a nice mustang, which by the way was a little too small for the 3 kids in the back, and set away in style. We parked at one end of the strip and did the normal hotel hopping.  It was great in seeing the expressions on their faces as they see the hotels in their Grand form.  We decided to take a lunch break at the New York New York hotel by having a delicious pizza.  Vanessa and Alessia wanted to test their stomachs by taking the rollercoaster ride.  Amazing on how part of the rollercoaster track rushes in the hotel, while the other part outside.


Continued on to the Mirage and its volcanic displays, Bellagio with their fountain orchestrated musical, the Flamingo with their courtyard turtle zoo, the Venetian and it’s gondola rides, the luxurious Monte Carlo and Caesar’s Place with their famous forum shops.  Vegas has definitely changed from the once known sin city to a more family oriented location.

We repeat the strip in the evening to see the glamorous light displays and when our feet can no longer  handle the walk, we call it a night.  When I booked the Circus Circus hotel online prior to our arrival, I was sure they have told me that our room would be in the renovated area of the complex.  As it turned out, no more room was available and we were placed in the old wing and let me tell you, even the low rate of 30$ USD was way too much.  That place was horrible but luckily we just used the room to sleep.  Besides it’s all part of the experience.


Next morning, with all back aches, we head to Denny’s for a nice breakfast.  The breakfast actually was more than the 3 night hotel stay but during vacation, we tend to raise our budget.

Wanting to do something different, we purchase tickets for the Dolphin habitat and the Siegfried & Roy’s Lion Kingdom.  Great decision!

As a parent you always enjoy when your children are having fun.  Seeing the smiles on their faces as they venture around is a rewarding feeling.  It is also amazing when they actually listen to you and knowing what you say resonates in their brain.  Even when I was teaching them on how the ancient sun dial works.  Their faces says it all……talk about total concentration.


Happy Sweet 16, Vanessa.














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