Jordan, Amman; Every moment counts


Jordan was not actually a destination we wanted to visit, but seeing our flight back home from Dubai was full, we had to act quickly and head to Jordan.  The flight from Jordan back home was then feasible.  We had quite some time in Jordan and instead of waiting over 6 hours in a small run down airport, we decided to venture out.


At first we were a little nervous for the whole area looked sketchy.  From several police with machine guns, to actual civilian dressed men with the same guns.  We approach one taxi and ask him for suggestions of what landmarks to visit.  He quickly voiced his opinion that we shouldn’t be walking around and that the best and safest method would be in taking the taxi.  We went a step further and hired him for the 6 hours we had to kill in Jordan.  He showed us around and although the city looked run down and dangerous, it had character.


He dropped us off at the Roman Catholic Theatre and would return later to pick us up.  The theatre was very nice with steep seats that accommodated an attendance of 6000.


It was indeed a quick day in Jordan however it was all part of the experience.  We check in for our flight and off we went.













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