Capri, Italy; simply majestic


As our original plan to visit Capri from Praiano failed due to poor ocean conditions, the next day we decided to bus to Positano and board a ferry to Capri.  I’ve heard many great things of this little island but upon seeing it for myself, I truly believe it’s completely majestic.


The 35 minute ferry ride was quite relaxing and as the city of Positano behind us was slowly disappearing, the view of the coastal mountains along with yachts added to a very scenic ride.  The top deck was empty and the wind made the sprinkle of wave water refresh our faces.


We arrive at the port and from the onset, there was something about this island.  As if it was a movie set and everyone on the island were actors and actresses.  Just enough hustle and bustle seen on large islands but no stress as if on a deserted one.  A perfect balance. The port had a few shops along the side, beautiful colorful fishing boats anchored and cleanliness left me impressed.


We board a city bus to take us the main Piazza and the 10 minute drive revealed many locals and tourists going about their everyday activities.  As we walk about the Piazza, we notice small electric carts filled with luggage honking their way to pass a sea of people.  The many little hotels were impeccably groomed and nestled with vibrant coloured hanging flowers.  Their court yards where in such organized fashion that not one blade of grass was out of place.  I kept asking myself if all of this was fake.

To truly savour the beauty of this island, we stop at a hill top café and order 4 ice espressos.  Espressos always taste that much better when gazing out towards the ocean.


We continue our walk and flag down a convertible taxi.  With limited time, we ask if he can be our private chauffeur for our remaining 20 minutes and ride along the island to see the infamous Faraglioni.  With his Italian charisma he opens the door, follows it with a subtle gesture of his hand welcoming us in and  like true celebrities, we ride the streets of Capri.  This must be a movie… can’t be possible.


As if there are no rules in Italy, he stops at the exact location in which gives us the best view possible of the Faraglioni.  2 colossal rocks emerging out of the ocean would definitely be best viewed from the water , but equally impressive was from land.


We’re eventually dropped off at the port with some extra time remaining to which an ice cream hit the spot.

The ferry takes us away and as, at this point, the island of Capri slowly disappears, we reminisce about the beauty we just witnessed.  A tropical island with palm trees, clean cobble stone paths, quaint hotels at every corner with outdoor terraces, and people truly appreciating the very moment.

We would have loved to see the island and all its grotto’s by boat, but due to water conditions,  we had to settle for a small 4 hour tease.  This is one place I would like to return.



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