Naples, Florida; true friends


Some friends that you see less often as time goes on, usually trickle  out of your life.  Some on the other hand, despite several years apart, feel as if they never left.  That is what we call true friends.  Nick and Elaina, friends for more than 25 years, have moved to Naples in the early 1990’s.  Established a great business, raised 2 beautiful children and have always opened their home for us to visit.

March 2006 we decided to pay them a visit and spend some warm, relaxing and comfortable days with their family.  We take a scenic stroll along the Naples City Dock and couldn’t help notice huge pelicans on every  pole.


Something about the Florida weather, wooden docks and rows of boats that sets the tone for fun, friendship and family time.  Conversations are exchanged while having a sit down lunch and as quickly the food is brought to us, we’re headed to their condo complex for some pool time.  Alexander stayed in the pool for a prolonged time that his feet and hands were as wrinkled as a 200 year old elephant.



Supper is served, adults reminisce of good old times and children are playing for hours.

Next morning, as this one duck makes her presence known by wanting to be fed, adds to the pleasant company around the lanai.  On our way back from the water pier, we take a short detour to visit a home that was on sale.  Beautiful home overlooking the water, one room nicer than the next and a kitchen that one sees in celebrity magazines.  As it turned out, Nick’s friend was the realtor selling that home and being 3 million dollars short, I was in no position of putting an offer!

Next day, while my family stayed with Elaina, Nick and I drove to Key Largo to scuba dive.  We booked a dive with Ocean Divers and dove the Key Largo Christ Statue.  Great experience with beautiful fish and corals.


We’re back in Naples, as the women are shopping from store to store at the Miramar outlet, Nick and I are entertaining the kids.  With the humidity at its highest and the unbearable mid-day heat, we couldn’t help stop the uncomfortable rash that developed in the most awkward place.  We had trouble walking to say the least.


Although the short stay, the friendship always solidifies and saying our farewell becomes sad and emotional.  Especially for the children.  I see it as a reason to go back! nap01

While heading to the airport, the girls are making funny faces and the venture of returning home begins.




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