Cancun; Choco-Me


I mentioned it in several other blogs that traveling with other people can either enhance the experience or jeopardize the relations.  In our case,  traveling with Robert and Antoinette’s family not only demonstrates our compatibility but generates stories of laughter that continuously resurface at every family gathering.  July 2005, Cancun, was a complete scene after scene hysteria.  So much so that at times, when recounted, many don’t believe it.


The vacation actually started several weeks before with Sara and Melissa asking on how the flights look seeing all nine of us will attempt to travel standby during one of the most busiest month of the year.  Our plan was to fly to Atlanta, overnight, and then catch the very first flight the next day to Cancun.  We’ve all been cleared on the flight and circumventing the hotel system begins.  I book the room with my Delta discount and besides the maximum guest count per room being five, we strategically fill all nine.  This hotel room comprised of; one bathroom, one sink, two double beds and one sofa bed.   Keep in mind that on this particular day, some conference was being held and the mini kitchen has made freshly baked chocolate cookies. Trying to be incognito, after our check-in, our kids head for the cookie display and as quickly the rows were filled, they were gone.  All nine of us devoured them leaving only crumbs for the conference participants.  Head to the pool and after a few hours, we silently enter our room.  Just before that, our girls are at it again, and seeing a full popcorn box was made, we devoured their fresh batch.  So much for staying under the radar.

We manage to stuff all 9 of us in the room and strategize on how we will get ready for our flight the next morning.   To add more humour, that morning the hotel experienced a fire alarm and we all  had to evacuate. With some mayhem in the corridor, Robert opens the door enough to peek through and assures us nothing is happening and all is okay.   On the contrary, upon checking out we come to find out that someone had burnt a toast in the kitchen that set off the fire alarm.  We all clear the flight to Cancun and away we go!

As customary with every destination we travel to, the first few hours are to scope the area and orient the facilities next to our room.  We quickly notice that this hotel is more along a party destination and their special attention to detail is not their priority.  From many stacked  glasses along the pool side, to several floating plastic glasses in the pool. From semi finished meals on plates on beach chairs to dirty used towels piled at corners.  This will be quite interesting.  We don’t judge any place and are true believers that a vacation is what you make of it.

Sara, Vanessa, Melissa, Alessia and Milena are all together participating in dance lessons, drinking their Shirley Temples, playing in the pool and getting snacks as they please.  The girls are great and never had any confrontation. It was so pleasant in seeing their happiness, which in turn, made vacationing so rewarding.

We had heard that the beach area was filled with large boulders and the water was quite rough.  We briefly stayed one day and luckily had the option of taking a local bus to a sister hotel which allowed us full usage of their facility.  The water was much calmer and despite not the cleanest, we still had a great time.  We snorkel, girls did karaoke singing which created our signature song “Choco-Me” that stayed with us the full 7 days.  The location had a string of hotels overlooking the ocean that one can walk for miles and take in the scenery.  We did our own photo shoot with the girls for great safe keeps.


The evening shows had a great variety of musicals, dancing and natural performers.   Two of which stood out were the contortionists and the electrifying Copacabana dance show.  With other places we have visited in the past years, the main dining area usually had air conditioning, but for some reason, this resort was lacking that commodity and seems to have promoted mosquitoes in large numbers.  One night, during our supper, we were entertained by a trio playing mexican traditional music and were able to take some pictures wearing all the colorful sombreros.  Great photo opportunity.


As we gave the girls the go ahead to get their hair braided, they sat for some time while the kind Mexican ladies worked  their magic.  It was only noticed later that the amount of tip that was left behind was more of an insult than a compensation.  The girls truly felt bad.

We continued to enjoy ourselves. Anna even participated in Aqua Aerobics while Robert slept under beach umbrellas. We even took the public transportation one evening to see the local district.  A great time was had by all.  We head to the airport, keeping our fingers crossed and the moment the gate agent announces “Ignoto party of 4”, we knew we’re on are way home.dscf0253a















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