Bermuda; Great memories


We’ve taken several cruises before, all of which would have several ports of call along with a few sea days.  This time around we decided in taking a cruise whereby it would dock at one location and while we’d use it as our hotel, we’d have  the liberty of exploring the island.  The summer of 2014, we decided to drive to Boston and catch a cruise to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line. The actual fun and excitement for this particular cruise started with the 5 hour drive to Boston.  We were 13 in all and for travelling with company, one has to understand that all members have to be compatible.  If not, a well deserved vacation can turn out to a regretful experience. In our case, it was a total pleasure.  My family, my brother Johnny’s family and my sister Antoinette’s family.  All totally compatible.  Sense of security, sense of company and sense of genuine entertainment made this trip a complete success.


The excitement of the drive and knowing what awaits you adds smiles and laughter to all involved.  The quick gas stops become an event and something that should take 10 minutes, ends up taking 30 minutes.  The joy that vacationing brings is a must for everyone to experience.  Everyone deserves a vacation. The port location and check-in was smooth.  Fog horn lets out a loud sound and propellers are engaged.  How on earth does this city of steel stay afloat.  Luckily with my scuba training, the answer is simple.  Buoyancy and water  displacement.


The great thing about a cruise vacation is that the food is always in abundance, the selection usually satisfies every passenger and the entertainment is a “Las Vegas” style.  No matter what age, there is always something to please someone at all times.  The size of these ships are usually quite Grand that being confined for 2 days or so,  really doesn’t give a sense of  claustrophobia.  After 2  days at sea, we dock in Bermuda which will be our new civic address for the next 3 days.  I can imagine how Christopher Columbus felt in 1492 when he discovered land.  Difference is that his first voyage had him at sea for over 2 months before setting foot on land.


As conscientious travellers, and travelling with the whole family, we try to cut several corners to keep the cost at a minimum.  My sister Antoniette, whom has been labelled, the Queen of cereal made sure that before leaving the ship every morning, she would have a large Zip-Lock bag full of Fruit Loops cereal.  At first we were all laughing.  Let me tell you, by the end of the day we all asked for fruit loops.  We got better as the days went by.  We’d pack bread, fruits and croissants.


One advantage or disadvantage of when you travel in a large group, is the fact that we take up a large footprint.  We would take local transportation to go to the beach and to accommodate 13, we practically needed a bus to ourselves.


The beaches of Bermuda are beautiful.  The sand with a tint of pink, the water of pure turquoise  and the black rock formations make a scenery of portrait perfection.  The sound of the waves crashing the rocks also add harmony and relaxation.

During the walk on the beach, I’ve come across a local that was rubbing the ocean sand all over her body.  In speaking to her, she attributed her youthful look to the many years of contact with the ocean sand.  She did look a little funny with her shower cap, but if the sand works….use it!


One of our typical family beach picture is the one in which all the kids jump in unison.  After several takes, we finally got one that looked decent.


As with every vacation, after the 4th day, we start thinking that it will soon end.  All the planning prior to our departure, ends so quickly leaving behind great memories. Life is indeed nothing but memories. Disembark the ship, head to our parked cars and the last phase of our 2013 vacation starts.


Boston has a fabulous European flare and we continued our vacation by heading to Quincy Market.  Filled with people enjoying the outdoor sun, we pass along the renowned Cheers Pub.  We head to the Boston Water Boat Marina and couldn’t help notice the gorgeous yachts docked along the water front.  One yacht sparked our curiosity.  The Julia Dorothy.  This 100 foot yacht was boarding with gorgeous women for what we suspected some social and leisure company business event.   I wonder why I didn’t get an invitation.  Damn!


Just before our drive back to Canada, we wanted to see first hand one of the wold’s most prestigious universities.   Harvard University. We drove along their grounds and for some reason we felt so smart.  Hey, I can now say I’ve been to Harvard.

One last stop….Outlet Malls…….purchase a few items and home sweet home awaits.















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