Niagara Falls; Treasure in our own backyard



As the children get older, I’ve noticed that having family time is so hard to plan.  If it’s not one child working, or the others with boyfriends, getting together remains a challenge.  This one June weekend in 2012, seeing all had no plans, we pack our car and head to Niagara Falls.  Yes indeed….no planes this time around.  It does feel kind of weird but nonetheless the adventure begins.  We step out of our home and surprised in the gorgeous rainbow we see.  This will surely be a great family trip!



Prior to 2012, I’ve been to Niagara in the 1990’s and was quite impressed on how things have changed.  The main strip was so clean and couldn’t believe the amount of people walking around.  We walked the main strip, took many pictures, and settled for lunch.  Continuing our walk, we were amazed in seeing the mini-putt area with all dinosaurs that looked so real.  They must have surely invested some money in this area.  I guess that’s why the cost of our hotel was fairly expensive for a simple and basic “days inn” location.


Wanting to take full advantage of our family time together, we go watch this Sponge Bob 4-D movie.  Line up, pay the fare and as the doors open we all run in to try to get the best seats.  Just that sprint and getting seats all 5 in a row was great.  Brought back memories of our own childhood and also is a mental reminder on how children grow so quickly.  Taking the time to live with them and enjoy every moment couldn’t be a more accurate saying.  Although the movie was a short 20 minute, the experience kept the conversation flowing for the remainder of the weekend.

We continued our walk and as we weren’t fighting against time, every window shopping experience was long and drawn out.  Mind you at a certain point, I reach my limit.

The falls themselves are always a mystery to me.  The water current and noise of the tons of water dropping with gravity seems so powerful.  Nature…simply awesome.


Seeing the Falls at night brings another dimension and with the continuous mist it produces, it gives the walk a more eerie feeling.

We truly have a treasure in our own backyard.

















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